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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Lisa Looping

Lisa Looping

Hooping & Yoga For Kids


Lisa is based in Vienna but loves to travel across the globe to share her love for yoga and hula hooping with the world. Yoga has been part of her live for more than 15 years. In 2013 she felt her call to start teaching and sharing her practise.

Following her motto: “Do more of what makes you happy!” Lisa has transformed two of here biggest passions into her profession: Yoga and Hooping. When teaching and performing worldwide she is aiming to inspire more people to try the same. Her ultimate goal: Contributing to other people’s happiness and leading a meaningful life while enjoying the process. Lisa discovered long time ago that working with children is not only inspiring but also a great way to re-connect with your own inner child. Integrating more playfulness into every day life should be equally important for kids and adults! Empowering the next generation and helping them to discover balanced body-mind awareness has a huge potential, will raise happy humans and make this world a better place.

This will be Lisa’s 4th year sharing workshops for children at BaliSpirit Festival, she will teach Fly Light Yoga in 2020, see her schedule

For more information about Lisa, see: www.LisaLooping.com