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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020



Hangab Inversion Therapy


Growing up in Vienna, Hubert was studying architecture when injuries and life signals awakened his spiritual calling to find healing. He began to study complementary medicine, became a yoga teacher, nuad-practitioner, got the reiki master but still felt the desire to dive deeper. He went to South America to live with shamans for a year and started to travel more and more to places of old knowledge in order to learn what all these different teaching have in common.

Believing that once we let go, everything falls back into its natural place, our cells in the body, the flow in life, the people we meet and the happiness we experience, he thinks its good to get aware when we hold on and practice letting go.

His today’s work is inspired by tools he learnt and spiritual practices he uses.

In single sessions he loves to work with the inversion therapy “Hangab”, were letting go can be experiences in the old medicine of hanging upside down.

In group sessions, he works with forgiveness and singing, as both are wonderful tools of letting go.

The old knowledge of forgiving is very powerful to clear our present and past. Studying Hawaiian Ho´oponopono and the Indian Pratikraman, Hubert presents both tools for a deeper understanding.Singing is good to open ourselves, accept who we are and allow to be new in every moment.

He will offer Hangab session and a “Explore Forgiveness” workshop at the festival.

For more information about Hubert, see: www.hangab.de