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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Eka Kailash

Eka Kailash

Yin Yoga


Native Balinese, Eka, has been teaching Yoga and meditation locally and internationally for over 9 years. He is also an experienced Craniosacral therapist. He has a Masters Degree in Media from Ohio University and the prestigious Fulbright scholarship in his pocket. His passion for fascia studies, Yin Yoga, and anatomy led him to study with Paul Griley’s (the founder of Yin Yoga) senior assistants: Jo Phee and Joe Barnett, world-renowned fascia experts such as Robert Schleip, as well as Antonio Stecco which whom he studied human cadaver fascia dissection. His mission is to bridge the east and west though the arts of meditation and functional movements. In his free time Eka enjoys singing with his band, baking and pondering about branching out to stand up comedy.

For more information about Eka, see: www.kailashproject.org