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Become a Part of the Healing Arts revolution by sponsoring the 8th Annual BaliSpirit Festival!

The BaliSpirit Festival under the umbrella organization, Yayasan Kryasta Guna, welcomes all types of support - from gifts in kind, media insertions, promotional and, of course, cash contributions. There are a variety of different Sponsorships options to choose from, listed below.

Featured partners can choose to sponsor an event, a venue, a Presenter, one of the Festival's chosen outreach initiatives (like AYO! or HCK) or another specifically created package. Depending on the level of contribution, partners receive increasing levels of recognition in the Festival's print, media, event venues, web marketing, EDMs, and other promotions as well as at exclusive VIP events.

Annually, the BaliSpirit Festival team runs ongoing outreach initiatives (also known as CSR programs) in the Balinese Community. As a sponsor of the BaliSpirit Festival, you will automatically be supporting these initiatives as a portion of all Festival revenue goes to manage and maintain these programs throughout the calendar year. For more information on our outreach initiatives, please open the files below or click through to our Giving Back page.

See our community outreach information here:

  • Bali Regreen – Bamboo Reforestation Program in East Bali
  • Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS – Aids Awareness Programs for Balinese Teens and Families
  • Hari Cinta Keluarga – The Festival's Annual Family Day Dedicated to the Local Community
  • Basabali.org – Although this is not one of our personally created outreach programs, we fully support it! Click to learn more
  • Yayasan Kryasta Guna – The Festival's Non-Profit Organization that supports all the initiatives listed above with a focus on the environment and culture within the Balinese community

The Festival works closely with its sponsors (from individuals, SMEs and Corporations) to attain a clear understanding of their marketing objectives, target demographics and budget. This communication fosters effective brand-specific integrations, aligning the sponsor with the Festival as a featured partner.

See our Sponsorship Background information here:

Please email us to ask about Sponsorship Values if you wish to become a partner.

Join the growing list of prominent and diverse sponsors in supporting our efforts to reveal the magical and transformative power of Bali to a wider international audience in a creative and dynamic way.

For direct inquiries, please email Kadek Indra at askme@balispirit.com

BaliSpirit Yoga Festival