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Yoga Festival Bali - Balispirit Yoga Festival Ubud Bali

Eighth Annual BaliSpirit Festival

Enlivening Bali since 2008, ours is the annual celebration everyone is still talking about.

Culminating with the Balinese celebration of Nyepi, a moment of sacredness where the entire island invites silence and contemplation, the BaliSpirit Festival team has re-emerged!

The Festival lives in our hearts and souls and we thank each and every one of you for being there! Without our incredible sponsors, willing volunteers, committed staff and loyal attendees – YOU – the BaliSpirit Festival simply would not be the amazing event that it continues to be, seven years strong!

Most importantly, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Balinese community for embracing the spirit and essence that is the BaliSpirit Festival. We were deeply moved and humbled by the special opening of this auspicious event by Ida Pedanda Gunung on the opening night of the Bhakti Series.

Even though the party may be over, the celebration continues within. In those brief moments when life will undoubtedly challenge us, take a moment to pause, breathe and recall the five magical days and nights that you spent nestled in nurturing Ubud.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Eighth Annual BaliSpirit Festival:

March 31st – April 5th, 2015

Come and be a part of something extraordinary that transforms your life and ultimately our world.


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